Lassoing The Future

Friday, April 02. 2021

Well, I did it and got the ball rolling, to phase myself out of a long-held part-time job. Starting in two weeks, I’ll work one day weekly and only for short hours.

Whew! For weeks I’ve been thinking about doing this.

I’ve worked as a sample-server in the local Costco since 2007. Well, on and off. Long ago I got fired and after a couple of years rehired. That taught me how working again can be pleasant after a hiatus. That’s why I returned to work last fall, after a stretch of pandemic-caused unemployment. I wanted again to be among people.

But the times have changed and so has my work. These days I’m ready to retreat, increase my free time. It would be easy to rattle off a number of reasons. The reality is my wishing to focus on pursuing other interests. This seems the right time to explore many things more.

I’m grateful for having the wherewithal and freedom to make such a choice. It will be fun to find where my interests may take me. I’m expecting to learn lots, so stay tuned.

Dear Friends: Relinquishing a habit that tires increases one’s sense of strength and freedom. Diana

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