“Hope is a feather….”

Sunday, April 04, 2021 (In 23 days, April’s full “Pink Moon”)

Spring cleaning! I’m working in the RV garage. It’s been storing hay. Now, needing more space I’m examining stuff in there long-forgotten, tossing the unused and unwanted.

Suddenly, a surprise. A box holds a set of books purchased years ago that I’ve assumed were lost. It’s a collection that sends me back by half-a-lifetime. These books have to do with the American poet, Emily Dickenson, once my special interest and long time study project.

These hardcover books are a variety. Some contain all her known poems, including special volumes that contain all her poems in handwritten facsimiles. These demonstrate how her handwriting changed over the years.

Yes, I was that much into Dickinson.

There are biographical works, most by recognized Dickinson experts, all finely researched and written. Besides this unexpected opportunity to re-read Dickinson’s great poems, rediscovering her returns a significant bit of my personal history. Remembering amazes me.

I knew Dickenson’s poetry well before becoming assigned to a business trip in NYC. Afterwards with free time, I rented a car and drove to Amherst, the environment of that great writer. After touring the Dickinson home and visiting the college, I drove to the Harvard Library to see its Dickinson collection and purchased the now newly-found volumes to pursue studies more.

After retiring and moving to Oregon, my interests turned to new directions. I got a couple of horses, and as an almost complete novice, had to learn quickly as much as possible about equine housing, training, and tack. I loved having horses and became consumed. Many books in my active library testify to these interests.

Now, in a sort of rebirth, I’ll re-find Dickinson and re-experience a learning curve on rediscovering her greatness.

Dear Friends: Among trash in a largely ignored space, found jewels will re-enliven a kindred mind. Diana

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