Life Reflecting Art

Friday, April 16, 2021 (In eleven days April’s full “Pink Moon” will appear.)

A general consensus is that an almost-best video series was “Breaking Bad”. The series initially aired from 2008 to 2013, over five seasons with 62 episodes.

I didn’t watch the initial airing, but comments about the show matched in popularity another compelling series, “The Sopranos”. When “The Sopranos” appeared on Netflix, I tuned in and loved it. Later when “Breaking Bad” landed on Netflix, I checked it out. And Oh My Gosh!

I couldn’t pull myself from sitting through episode after episode. All was good about “Breaking Bad”, the script, directing, acting, photography, and its ending.

It’s a story about an underpaid high school chemistry teacher who suddenly is diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer. He worries about dying soon, leaving his family with nothing, and so, turns to a life of crime. Partnered with a former student and user who’s peripherally involved in the drug world, the chemistry teacher manages to create, produce, and distribute, a very powerful version of crystal meth. Their success quickly forces the two men into navigating the dangers of a criminal underworld.

Meanwhile the chemistry teacher leads a double life. He’s a family man, tells his family nothing about his involvement with drugs and the underworld. At the same time he continually produces meth and is under a heavy burden of having to launder incoming scads of cash.

His is a compelling story.

Now today, in the Washington Post is a story about one Barney Dale Harris. He’s a 40-year-old, popular Charlotte, NC, Spanish teacher, who also is the men’s varsity basketball and track coach, and is a student adviser. He has died from gunshots.

According to The Post: “Barney Dale Harris, a beloved presence at the Monroe, N.C., high school since 2017, [was] killed in a gun battle while trying to steal drugs and cash from a Mexican drug cartel.”

More about this: “Authorities found the body of Harris inside a mobile home in Green Level, N.C., on April 8. He was wearing a bulletproof vest that that failed to save his life during what Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson likened to ‘an old Western shootout.’”

Married for 21 years, Harris was the father of three children and leading a double life. His wife knew nothing about his involvement with the underground drug world.

This is a fascinating story because it mirrors “Breaking Bad”. It raises questions about when, why, and how Harris became involved with a drug cartel. The robbery attempt that led to Harris’s death included his brother-in-law. There’s no suggestion that either were users. These men seem to have been intent on stealing from someone associated to a Mexican drug cartel.

The Post also notes that this episode might have another chapter. Mexican cartels don’t forget, they get even.

Here’s a link,

Dear Friends: This story suggests influence by a fictional series, we only can wonder. Diana

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