Moody Sky

Monday, April 26, 2021 (Tomorrow’s April Pink Moon will be nearest earth and at its brightest.)

Tonight’s rising of April’s long-anticipated Pink Moon might not become apparent over Central Oregon. This area is experiencing weather very cool and rainy, with forecasts of probable snow. Regardless, later today, I’ll go out and search for that rising moon. If I’m lucky, my camera will make worthwhile captures that tomorrow will appear here. If my tale is an unlucky one about trying and losing, well, failure isn’t fun. But if one tries very hard to succeed failure isn’t simply awful, for good learning is a worthwhile outcome.

Yesterday day felt too cold, but a welcome light rain seemed good. While in a supermarket, I received an alert from my phone about a lightening strike only fifteen miles away. I hurried home for lightening and thunder make my dogs desperate to get into the house. In my occasional absences through heavy, noisy rainstorms, I’ve arrived home to find that dogs have ripped out window screens by trying to reach safety inside.

I drove home without hearing thunder or seeing lightening and in a light rain. The weather was causing lots of interesting atmosphere. The sky was cloudless with a heaviness that altered how familiar things looked. I stopped occasionally so my camera could record the damp atmosphere.

Old farm structures
Neglected fencing
Wet pavement
Moody treescape

These images of gloom don’t represent a Central Oregon norm. Usually, we get too little rain, and generally, have lots of sunshine.

Bright sunshine appeared early on the morning before today’s story. Then, this cute critter busily was collecting mouthfuls for its new babies in a nearby nest.

Dear Friends: Wishing for good luck later today, for catching sights of that rising full moon. Diana

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