Moon-Motivated Fun

Super-moon into a bedroom @ 3 a.m.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 (29 days before May’s full “Flower Moon”)

Today begins a countdown to our next super-moon. Some friends who chased the “Pink Moon” sent photos, and for me, their experiences were cool trips. Just think, super moons are free-fun with learning on-the-fly. Little else beats what a super-moon can offer.

It’s impossible to ignore a moon’s energy-pulling power. It’s the same with rivers, family, music, and many more fundamentals. Nothing alive, or seemingly static, avoids the energizing of key elements that influence physical and emotional states.

I guess that pink moon really got to me.

What’s bugging me simply is a wish to find some water body and walk, pausing periodically to consider the ways that free-flowing water influences. If dogs are along, their ins and outs interfere with natural elements. No, I’d be alone beside that river stream, to observe, absorb, and expand my thoughts.

I’ve an idea for a children’s story and want to play with it by creating plot possibilities. The lead character, a tiny mouse, becomes lost and desperately wants to find home. Its seeking becomes influenced by natural elements, the moon, flowing water, and distant music. This mouse has goals, confronts danger, and grows emotionally. It might or perhaps not rediscover its old home.

Well, real-life situations do complicate seemingly-easy yarns. Simple is a fleeting concept.

All this represents a final nod to April’s pink super-moon, disappeared now from view. Its promise of sky majesty urged many of us from our sofas, to go outside and search for sighting spaces. We were kids roaming at dusk in natural environments, responding to the pulling of a very full moon.

Always, much can arise from physical and emotional journeys, even brief ones. Yesterday’s moonrise gave birth to my little tale. Today, the idea may expand, maybe into a paper draft.

Dear Friends: Natural elements that energize physically stoke our imaginings. Diana

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