Pros vs. Cons

Friday, May 07, 2021  (19 days before May’s “Flower Moon” rises fullest to Earth)

My newest “things” are daily to-do lists. One enumerates stuff that needs doing today, the other records needs doable-anytime, but not to be overlooked or forgotten. A sudden driving inspiration for these lists makes me wonder if they’re an unconscious way of compensating for memory loss. I shrug this off, my memory seems reasonably good. The problem has been my usual helter-skelter way of planning, which has skipped some things that must be done.

For example, take IRS deadlines. How is it that every year mid-April so-quickly arrives! Sure, the coming mid-April date pops into and out of my mind, but until my tax preparer sends a reminder do I awaken to The Hour almost here. Well, in 2022, there’s a new me and ahead of the game. Already, on my doable-anytime list is April’s drop-dead date.

Such ridiculous forgetfulness isn’t new and concerns me as to memory status. We know memory loss may occur gradually or quickly, and it’s sensible regularly to monitor brain capability. Every brain is unique and each person needs an individual way to status memory. For me, fiddling with daily to-do lists might become an enlightenment method.

Aside from mental fallibility, gray hair brings some wonderful things. I’m learning about this while shopping at a big home improvement store.

I’ve been setting up a sort-of shop in my RV garage which has taken me a couple of times to Home Depot. First, when I needed a few two-by-fours. (Aside: Have you seen the price of lumber lately!!)

I was staring at stacked 2x4s when a customer walked over and said, “Can I help you find boards?” I don’t know if I managed to nod before he said, “How many do you need?” He stepped up and began pulling boards and eyeballing them for warps. Each that he liked, he asked, “Is this okay with you?” and when I nodded, tossed them onto a rolling cart. I just had to find a cashier, pay, and leave.

While pushing through the parking lot, I saw him securing lumber on the top of his SUV. He looked toward me, stopped what he was doing, came over, said “Here, I’ll help you load this on your vehicle.” At my Jeep, which isn’t an easy to load vehicle, he manipulated the long boards, got them inside, smiled at my thanks and nodded, “Have a good day!” before departing.

That was so sweet!

A few days later, I returned to HD and now needed several two-by-four cuts of lumber. After finding them and paying, while rolling my boards through the parking lot, a passing big truck slowed. A fellow stuck his head out the window. “Hello! Can I help you load those into your truck!” He hopped out and took on my task. After a big smile, with a “Happy to help you, have a great day,”, he drove off.

Dear Readers: Gray hair invites the good and the bad, enjoy what’s good to offset the bad. Diana

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