Spring “Takes”

Aspen, Flowering cherries, & Flaming tree

Monday, May 10, 2021  (16 days before May’s “Flower Moon” rises fullest to Earth)

These days, Central Oregon is warmer and finally new spring is showing itself. I toured the local neighborhood to grab high spots, finding freshness and colors so seductive that I wanted such beauty nearer. So yesterday, just beyond my door, I planted a variety of “spring looks”.

A feature in this neighborhood is a property on which cattle once were raised. Its very old sheds of wood after many years are weathered beautifully. The property recently became sold. Maybe the new owner will tear down and repair. In economic reality, this very visible neglected property has the quality of eyesore. But to many local area residents, its long-aged structures have gained an unmatchable beauty, and equally, are tributes to western history.

The property’s crumbling fences are fascinating. They reveal a history of destructive containments, and now they’re a visual with impact that sparks imaginations of direction and distance.

That old property greets people as they turn in to this subdivision. To me, it reminds of many beautiful cattle past that hung out and grazed. It brings sighs on the relief of having escaped traffic. Most-best though, sightings of it tap into my eagerness for home nearby.

At home and just outside the door, here’s some joyful spring, planted and natural, living colors.

Dear Friends: I postponed until midweek a road trip into Eastern Oregon with dogs and camera. Diana

2 thoughts on “Spring “Takes”

  1. I hope some rich neighbor bought that property and will just leave it be. Imagine. Yes, I’m a dreamer and share your love of these historical buildings and fences and the sweet breath of space. 🙋‍♀️😊

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