Wonder World

Wednesday, May 26, 2021  (Tonight’s rising Super “Flower” Moon will appear at its fullest.)

The dogs and I headed west toward the Cascade Mountains. Besides wanting to play in a bit of forest, I had a checklist. It included exploring whether inner roads are clear to drive in and be among forest trees, allowing the dogs to play freely, checking early for wild mushrooms, and mostly, gathering fallen sticks potentially strong enough to, (1) become perches for Peaches and (2) withstand a parrot’s destructive beak.

It’s too cold and early for mushrooms, I accomplished everything else. The dogs played while I moseyed around. It’s the earliest I’ve entered a high-mountain forest, finding its condition wild with jumbled fallen branches. I carefully stepped and slowly.

There were angled impedances to duck under or step over.

The wild barking of excited dogs shattered the silence, but afterward, I could hear sounds from winds pushing against treetops. Sometimes winds made slender trees bend slightly and groan.

Searching for sticks strong enough for Peaches wasn’t easy. Mostly, I found those seeming best-suited to hold up against the bird’s attacks partly buried in dirt. I pulled out and examined several that hosted tiny funji and insects. Best to leave those in the forest.

Some sights had me wondering, what causes this?

The grounds were covered with wild strawberries, ground mosses, and molding woods.

Babies always attract, even when it happens they’re Ponderosas and Manzanitas.

There’s adult beauty, too. Blooming Manzanitas and sunshine lighting-up Ponderosas and firs

A key ingredient, dogs having fun.

Dear Friends: Inside a natural forest, you’ll find one of the most wonderful places imaginable. Diana

One thought on “Wonder World

  1. So fun to see you out and about with your awesome dogs. Was your birthday the other day? Interesting that you scattered (or buried?) your Sister’s ashes in the Painted Hills. I still have a small jar of Seth’s ashes in my duffle that I use on my camping trips. But family and friends have scattered him hither and yon, from parachute jumps to gorgeous places in Oregon and the Yukon where he spent a summer. But, like your Sister for you, our hearts are where we carry our love and mostly happy memories.

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