“Quoth the Raven….”

Friday, May 28, 2021   (A new full moon [June’s “Strawberry”] rises in 27 days, on the 24th.)

This magnificent bird was watching me and muttering regularly, and I wondered about it.

Ravens communicate constantly. So, was this a parent reassuring its offspring, or an adult communicating with a mate, or maybe itself an offspring asking for food? It’s hard to peer high at a treetop and identify an adult or fledgling.

Parent birds constantly remain busy hunting food for their babies, so this likely is an offspring. Its (relatively) soft, thrice-repeated rumbling calls actively are announcing location and hunger.

Ravens are incredibly smart and fascinating. I love hearing and seeing them. Ravens are active in my airspace year-around, and so to me, “these are mine”. The pictured Raven, active in my neighborhood, if an adult probably during its babyhood drank from my horses’ watering troughs.

Every summer, parents bring the babies to drink before leaving the kids and flying away. While they hunt, the disciplined youngsters remain perched on or near the troughs, staying put patiently. Like all children when a parent returns these scramble for food.

Throughout the year, and especially in summers, local resident Ravens are very visible. At least once or twice, I write describing their antics. Today’s header shot reminds me of this picture, a favorite from a summer past. This probably is a juvenile, loudly and insistently communicating from deeply within its body.

Ravens are family oriented, great parents. I’ve watched them teaching babies about wind currents, practicing by circling higher or lower as they would while hunting. I’ve seen them furiously chase, torment, and completely intimidate larger predatory birds. It’s been a gift, living in proximity to Ravens. Birds with astonishing intelligence, high social orientation, and innumerous, constant vocal variations.

Dear Friends: “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!” Poe’s dark cast over an inquisitive bright species. Diana

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