Friday, June 04, 2021   (June’s full moon [“Strawberry”] rises in 20 days, on the 24th.)

My friend Elliott asked to bring his daughters in a few days to visit my equines. His girls are seven and ten years old. I warned, Be careful about exposing little girls to horses.” He understood and laughed.

A few summers ago, my former coworker, Judy, brought her grandchildren to visit my equines. The kids rode on donkey, Pimmy, petted the horses, and met Peaches, the Cockatoo. Judy says they’re still excited about that visit. Her grandson still treasures a “Peaches’ feather” which he took home to share the excitement.

The grandkids and Judy.

Always, Pimmy is a star.

For several Easters, in a local Catholic Church’s Easter parades, Pimmy marched as a stand-in for Virgin Mary’s donkey. Between parades, Pimmy kept up with the Bomke kids, experienced riders.

Pimmy has appeared in several of Bend’s Annual Pet Parades. She’s always a hit with kids, they just love her.

A young and very good rider, Josie Lauman, liked to practice expanding her skills on willing Pimmy.

My friends, Dave and Julie Gilbert, brought their granddaughter to meet Pimmy. She rode and had a great time, but I can’t recall where the photos are stored. While I keep looking, this one will say it all, “Kid Julie With Pimmy”.

I’m looking forward to meeting Elliott’s daughters. They’re perfect ages for a first-time meeting with equines. I’ll have a camera handy.

Dear Friends: As events occur they’re fun, and later, photos make them even more so. Diana

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