Monday, June 07, 2021   (June’s full [“Strawberry”] moon rises in 17 days, on the 24th.)

On a chilly afternoon, Elliott brought his family over for a kids “horse day”. His little girls love horses, and they, April (9) and Zoey (7), on the day before had celebrated Zoey’s birthday.

In honor of this visit, Zoey wore her special “horse t-shirt” .

The girls were all over all the equines. Here, they say hello to lead mare, Rosie, who made sure we didn’t leave her out of the mix.

These parents enjoyed the horses as much as the children. Elliott has excellent camera skills, most of the following photos are from his phone-camera.

Right away the children were comfortable with the animals. They loved the horses, Rosie and Sunni, and maybe mostly, Pimmy. Elliott’s black and white photo captures their sheer joy.

Our plan was to seat on Pimmy both girls and go walking in this quiet neighborhood. We began by seating Zoey in front and April behind.

Since the plan included leaving the fenced area, it seemed a good idea to take Sunni, too. She’d be led with Pimmy following comfortably. Zoey was very at ease on Pimmy’s back and didn’t mind riding by herself. April was delighted to move onto big pony Sunni’s back.

When Rosie noticed that we were leaving without her, she hurried to join us. So, we all went walking. Each adult managed a lead rope with the kids riding happily. Our little parade navigated out onto the street and strolled there for a third-of-a-mile before returning.

We got back to our starting point feeling thrilled. The chldren with their rides, the adults with the kids’ sheer delight, and we all with the well-behaved animals.

This year and hopefully so, both kids might start riding lessons. They’d gobble every minute!

A note about my friend Elliott, a highly-skilled craftsman and outdoorsman. He loves (among many activities) annual outings with his friends for days of snoeshoeing and ice-camping in freshly-built igloos. This was my first-time meeting his family, each one a love and a great sport.

And here’s proof that the work of keeping equines is offset by the rewards of having them.

Dear Friends: Some of these photos will appear in a “Pimmy Calendar” planned for 2022. Diana

One thought on “Visitors

  1. Absolutely darling kids, wonderful photos and such sweet and careful equines. You have some gem horses and I love how generously but cautiously you share them. Good on you. I want to pre-order your calendar!🤗 Elliot sounds wonderful and his cute wife is probably pretty special too Just got back from a 3 day camping trip to the almost deserted areas south of Silver Lake. Leaving this afternoon to get partway to the coast to camp with friends near Bandon and then will stop in Coquille to visit another friend on my way home. Petey is coming with me this time. We got separated from Nick on a ride yesterday and it was pretty gut wrenching. I’ll spare you all the details but I finally found him headed home on Rickard Road from one of the areas we park the horse trailer. He was hot, tired and extremely thirsty. We have put him on Prozac and he did not stick as close as usual yesterday and we’re guessing that the medication may have played into his rather blasé attention to our location. Eek. 🙋‍♀️🤗

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