Sweet Summer

Shady hangout

Sunday, June 27, 2021 (In 26 days, July’s fullest moon [“Thunder”] will rise.)

Slightly after 5 a.m., in a temp of 69 degrees, I’ve been outside and starting water on one of my eight pines. Today’s temp should rise above 100 degrees, and like yesterday, I’ll early feed and handle the outside ranch animals, and afterwards “my insiders”. Throughout today, I’ll work to fireproof the ranch by watering much more than its name-trees.

Ahead, another busy day.

For most of yesterday, I moved hoses, pulled weeds, tended animals, and worked at staying cool. Oddly enough, that work had a zen component. I discovered something wonderful about devoting myself to earth and nature, in an increased sense of feeling connected. A happy experience that today hopefully repeats.

Although it’ll be hot, the dogs and I might go hiking beside a cooling canal. A neighbor who gardens mentioned his beautiful lilies after having pulled a few blooming wild alongside a waterway. I know of two nearby canals that in summers are crowded with multi-colored tall lilies.

My little hiking fantasy might lead me to create a water garden. An idea with potential, for yesterday’s water elements increased my pleasure. I saw resident robins frequenting birdbaths, butterflies showing up and hovering, hummingbirds attracted to sprinklers and pausing in air or on a leaf to bathe. Yes, maybe today will be right for starting a water garden.

Already, during each visit to a home center I’ve adopted and brought home at least one new plant. Today will be for bringing home some beautiful water lilies.

Dear Friends: To cope is to comprehend needs and find ways to turn lemons into lemonade. Diana

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