End Tale

Tuesday, July 06, 2021 — (In 17 days, July’s fullest moon [“Thunder”] will rise.)

The baby Robin is flying! But doesn’t achieve the height necessary to reach a tree branch. This tyke is excited, loves marching over ground wherever its little legs may go. I’m concerned about safety and so caged the bird for another overnight. Today I’ll look for progress in its flying.

Time is everything in a bird’s development. For days this bird could consume an entire night crawler only if it were offered in small pieces and poked down its throat. Suddenly yesterday, it in-took a whole crawler by sucking. I didn’t know birds could suck, and this one consumed with amazing determination its highly-objecting victims. I am helping by pointing a crawler into baby’s mouth, but dramatically a few such meals are increasing the Robin’s capability.

By today and having gained strength, the Robin might fly more confidently and actually achieve height.

Nature’s timing amazes. From hatch to fledgling, after 21 days of growing, most baby birds safely are able to leave the nest, function on their own. Maybe Robin parents conduct some post-nest training in flying and hunting. Every summer, I see local-resident Ravens during post-nest weeks working with youngsters, teaching about floating on air currents, finding water, and much more less visible to humans.

Among newborns, some infants are weaker, even a “runt of the litter”. Common knowledge is that parents won’t take care of too-weak babies. Some baby birds might be able to fight for food but are slower to develop, like the one I found.

I found this baby on the ground with parents screaming and probably encouraging it to fly. The tiny bird appeared helpless, didn’t try to escape being lifted, opened wide its mouth for food. Maybe it hadn’t managed to eat enough while in the nest. Regardless, a week of care has transformed it into a little dynamo.

Maybe this bird will stay around, or leave and return in the future, or fly high to be gone forever. Today should be our last together, but for always this little Robin has a place in my heart.

Dear Friends: Offering closure to friends following closely this bird’s and my progress. Diana

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