Tuesday, July 20, 2021 — (On this Friday, July’s fullest moon [“Thunder”] will rise.)

I’ll be brief today because the farrier is coming early and the horses must be fed and ready. After he shoes them I’ll ready the driving cart. We’ll start again to drive. It’s been a couple of years since last the horses were hitched, but they know what to do. After some reminder practices in our fenced area, they’ll be good to go.

I plan to continue horseback riding as well as doing the driving. What’s left of this summer will keep me horse-busy.

A back-story is this year’s problem of less hay availability. Our very hot weather has reduced crop yields. Finding hay to carry my horses easily through another year is on the table. My usual supplier is groaning about too little yield to spread adequately among his customers. Thankfully, I might have enough stockpile to carry my horses through upcoming months, but it’ll be best to avoid getting near or at rock bottom.

So for today: it’ll be shoes, cart, and hay. Also, I’ll watch on Netflix the final episode of “Mr. Sunshine”, my third time viewing the fine series.

Dear Friends: Ahead, another beautiful day, and best, with reasonable temps below three-digits. Diana

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