Saturday, July 31, 2021 —(In 22 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

Here’s a final photo of the donkey belly that’s about to disappear. I’ve found a way to exercise and strength-build this lazy girl.

She dislikes my idea, and too bad. Sweet Pimmy, you’ve needed a consistent job or effective exercise.

For years, a job and slimming exercises for Pimmy have been on my mind. I’d love havng her as a driving donkey, but haven’t found harness tack that fits her. Pimmy is a standard-size donk, and there’s tack available for minis but not for standards.

Another question has been how to effectively exercise a lazy fat donkey? Pimmy routinely follows my horses over forest trails. She’s totally bonded and dependably follows. Here’s what I see when Pimmy follows: she’s sauntering, eating, rolling, scratching against tree trunks, and often making us wait while slowly she catches up.

For years, my other consideration had been about the safety of hitching her to my Gater and making her trot behind it. That seemed not a good idea, unsafe. But this week we experimented. I tied her lead rope to the Gater, made her follow, and it worked!

We circle the dry lot several times very slowly, and let her loosen-up by walking. Then we pick up enough speed to force her into a trot. At first, I want her to trot the equivalent of one mile. Once she’s stronger and does a mile easily, she’d start trotting for longer distances.

What’s it like, circling this way with her? Well, Pimmy isn’t a happy trotter, but I’m pleased.

This is proving to re-energize me. I’ll again start searching for harnessing that fits this donkey. Her future may include driving lessons after all.

Pimmy is smarter than any horse, and also cuter. She deserves more than being a mere ornament.

Dear Friends: If I were limited to one large animal, it’d be a donkey, wonderful pet! Diana

One thought on “Challenged

  1. Love it! Tell Pimmy from me that she may feel even. better sans a few pounds. Still my hope that our Democratic pals will find their courage and sense of humor and include our real donkey friends in their campaigns. Maybe if Pimmy has a cart it will stiffen some of their spines! 2022 is going to have some very tough races and Pimmy could help if they only would let her. Fun beats rhetoric any day!


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