Little Sights

Thursday, August 05, 2021 —(In 17 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

I researched to identify this tiny green critter that I spotted in the garden. It’s most likely a Small Grass Emerald Moth. This photo catches it with the wings fully spread (its entire wingspan is 22-26 mm). When its wings are folded, the moth looks like a small leaf particle.

I thought I was spying an unusual bright green leaf and was looking closely, when suddenly it spread wings and lifted. A moth! It flew and landed nearby on a lava rock to rest. I had to use a zoom camera to enlarge and capture it, but truly, this photo does little justice to bright emerald wings with delicate patterns.

Nonetheless, it’s a find that’s worth sharing.

My little garden has produced many delights. Besides supporting flowers, damp environments attract wildlife. This frequent visitor spends lots of time under my small deck. It’s becoming less afraid of me.

I know from experience that wild bunnies aren’t tameable. A seriously frightened bunny can scream loud and sound like a human who’s under serious assault. Anyway, I’ve no interest in taming. Just seeing is enough.

Now I must be off to feed my horses. I’ll carry a camera to try recording more of the richness surrounding us all.

Dear Friends: Everything’s free in nature, and it’s all right in front of us to enjoy. Diana

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