Darkness To Light

Friday, August 13, 2021 —(In 9 days, August’s full “Sturgeon” moon will rise nearest to earth.)

It’s Friday the 13th! Oh poor number 13, generally considered unlucky because of Judas (guest #13 at the Last Supper).

What’s unlucky about Fridays that fall on the 13th? Well, they’re considered “paraskevidekatriaphobia”, or the days that bring severe financial losses.

Another big problem for the 13th is that it directly follows the number 12. Historically, the number twelve has been considered a perfect number by mathematicians and scientists. So, there’s dilemma over “Perfect vs. Most Awful”. Adding in financial disaster makes it a wonder that 13 has survived.

But, our world probably needs its commonly acknowledged villians. Our world also needs recognized offsets against indications of disaster.

The moon forever has been a key offset. Last night’s beautiful sliver was appealing, made people feel hopeful. In a few days this month’s fullest moon will become visible.

To avoid fretting about fearful dates, let’s look upward and focus on hope.

Dear Friends: The blurred inner curve suggests more moon to come, and soon it will. Diana

One thought on “Darkness To Light

  1. Beautiful photos! There are some things in this post that I did not know. Thank you! For one, why do they consider 12 a perfect number? I can think of a couple items but don’t know if the ideas are relevant. 12=3×4 ? Also as factors into 2x2x3=12. Re the tiny sliver of a new moon: I just adopted a very tiny coal black kitten. Her name probably is Luna, after the dark sky surrounding the new moon. Cheers! Kate A


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