“Sturgeon Moon” Watchers

Setting “Sturgeon Moon”, 8/23/21

Monday, August 23, 2021 ā€”(On September 20, the “Harvest” Full Moon will rise nearest to earth.)

Last evening, Susie, her husband Dale, and I hiked at Hatfield Pond, to see and photograph the rising “Sturgeon” moon. Susie wondered why I’ve not captured the recent lovely moon settings. That’s why this morning’s header photo is sub-captioned, “Moon’s early goodbye”.

About Hatfield Pond, it’s the reservoir for this area’s reclamation facility. Dale and Susie know it well, but I’d not before been there. It’s a wonderful spot, these are dusk-time glimpses.

Dots across the center are ducks, bunches of them

Beneath last night’s cloudy sky, we set up on an earth bar that divides water holding areas, to hang out awaiting sight of the moon’s rise. Dale with binoculars was spotting sky traffic, while Susie identified distant and barely-visible planets.

I wanted to photograph a setting sun simultaneous to a rising moon. But with still-heavy wildfire smoke blurring the sky, only a few colors left-over suggested the missing sun’s wake.

Susie and Dale are intrepid outdoors types, who long have know this spot. Susie anticipated that Hatfield would allow for capturing of the moon’s rise and its reflections on water. She was correct, and it’s a sight breath-taking.

Moon Rising
Rising & Reflecting

In that evening’s smoky atmosphere, our run-of-the-mill cameras limited capturing as we had wished. By sticking to the task we managed anyway some worthwhile pictures. The Hatfield site would enhance upcoming moon-rises, like September’s full moon. It’s an all-time favorite, “Harvest Moon”.

We repeatedly tried for a team picture, but total darkness prevented the cameras from picking up images. Anyway, it’s easy to imagine our moon-chasing team: Dale is tall, Susie is beautiful, I’m a shrimp.

Dear Friends: See for yourself in real-time the fullest moons, fun-watching, great-learning events. Diana

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