Iron Love

Thursday, September 02, 2021 —(On September 20, the full moon, “Harvest”, will rise nearest to earth.)

This charming moment captures a rider and pony both asleep during a horse show. I haven’t permission to use this image which popped into my Facebook feed. No telling who captured the original, or when and where it occurred.

It reminds me of delightful moments in past years at Central Oregon’s High Desert Classic Horse Show, an annual event that’s huge, crowded with horses and riders. Few sights are cuter than small kids in formal riding garb on their ponies. Somewhere are images from my camera that I can’t find, so, “borrowing” this one.

Yesterday, our farrier arrived to pull and replace worn and broken horseshoes. A California person, he comes here to work for a few days every five or six weeks. My horses without usable shoes were bored having just to hang around a couple of weeks. My job was to keep each entertained while the farrier worked.

He works in an old-fashioned method. His truck has a furnace that heats iron, before each shoe goes onto an anvil for pounding into shape. He’s back and forth from anvil to horse, for each shoe checking and adjusting fit. My horses usually travel on pavement, so he also forms and fits shock-absorbing pads between the shoes and hooves.

His visits are nearly all-day process, the shoeing always has lasted through the five or six weeks between his visits. This time is the first that the shoes thinned enough to break and be thrown. Maybe it’s a supply chain problem, with less-quality iron being used in manufacturing.

With the horses now ready for action, they’ll be rationed increased feed. They’ll like that, but best of all will love traveling across the road, to John’s place, and again being allowed to graze on summer pasture.

Dear Friends: For a trusting kid on a good pony, often it’s the beginning of a lifelong passion. Diana

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