Us “Oregon Ducks”

National Geographic

Friday, September 10, 2021 —(On September 20, the full moon, “Harvest”, will rise nearest to earth.)

It’s raining and predicted to continue steadily all morning, becoming lighter or more shower-like this afternoon.

Goodbye to the smoke! Hello to easier breathing, a sky that reveals clouds, and to a horizon of visuals from solar variables.

Yes real moisture, and now beginning to fall more forcefully. I’m thinking about rain from inside a shelter and experiencing moisture through my nasal and auditory senses. More abstractly I’m also considering moisture’s reality, its possibilities.

We know moisture is essential for everything living. It freshens and keeps skin healthy. It increases oxygen transference through blood vessels. Experiencing moisture can be one that’s partly-physical, like a combo of nose-ear-brain phenomena. It can be even more completely wonderful, for when stepping directly into moisture, it becomes a totally physical experience.

It might seem weird to compare moisture-related and movie-related thoughts, but my brain interweaves these topics. I’ve been studying the pros and cons of old movies from the sixties and seventies, the “new movies”, mostly were foreign films. They were a contrast to America’s more fantasy-like concoctions. The films were imports from Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Sweden, and France. Learning to watch and interpret them altered how many of us began to view all sorts of artwork.

The best art is that which touches all our senses. It creates an experience, visual, tactical, pleasing, suggestive, compelling, and the more art touches us, the better it is. Similarly, one views rain as a complex occurrence. It can be broken into parts, affects various senses, separately and together, and is a total experience.

Dear Friends: Today, no horse-driving, but one among a circle of dogs while streaming old movies. Diana

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