Medium As The Message

Beauty and Courage add wings to intent, Internet photo

Tuesday, September 14, 2011— (On September 20, the full moon, “Harvest”, will rise nearest to earth.)

I can’t resist this photo, of AOC making a controversial political statement while attending one of NYC’s most richest glitziest events, the Annual Met Gala. Young, physically attractive, self-confident and intelligent, she’s gained political influence during a career still in its early stages.

Crossing the world and focusing on another highly-visible woman, nations soon will lose the influence and guidance of Angela Merkel, Germany’s leader since 2005. Merkel grew up in a divided East Germany and studied to become a scientist. After the Berlin Wall opened in 1989, she moved into the larger Germany and toward political leadership. Her years in office have shown her to be a stalwart among other leaders on their very complicated world stage.

One career is beginning as another moves toward closing. Between an auspicious beginning and a successful ending come years of practicing and learning. The most able politicians understand ways to navigate among complex ideas and individual passions. They gain success from learaned abilities to negotiate for what seems most right in current and potential circumstances.

Our world has changed so much and so soon, we’re bewildered about the future. Who’ll be in power? Who’ll make key decisions? Who’ll have a right to decide what can or will be shared?

Moreover, how much will individual beauty and brains count? How many decisions might be inspired by technology and algorithms?

I was planning to focus differently, but AOC’s dress-message reawakens a recognition of our shifting social behaviors. Such unexpected and well-planned public displays do impact our typical expectations and connections. AOC’s dress illustrates a rising readjustment of social tolerances.

Dear Friends: BTW, the little chipmunk recovered completely, runs again free and happy. Diana

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  1. A good and interesting blog and I’m thrilled about your rescue of the little chipmunk. S/he is a lucky critter. 🙋‍♀️🤗

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