Western Skylights

Western sky

Thursday, September 16, 2011— (On September 20, the full moon, “Harvest”, will rise nearest to earth.)

This September’s sky is offering what seems another world full of entertainment and wonder. Raise your head and look around at incredible colors that highlight unique cloud shapes.

Yesterday’s late afternoon overhead simply amazed. At almost-evening, as the sun set behind the Oregon Cascades, it turned the sky into a total knockout.

From behind those western mountains and under massive clouds, the sun sent countless streaks. Some of the bright oranges were narrow, others wide. All seemed to stretch from south to north.

Streaks from south to north

I ran to find a camera, happily managed to capture final gasps of those amazing colors.

From behind and over Broken Top

Dear Friends: In just a few days, September’s sky will offer a full, glorious Harvest Moon! Diana

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