Modern Country-like

Friday, October 01, 2011— October’s fullest moon (“Hunter’s”) will rise on the 20th.

It’s nearly unrecognizable, this small city where I live. It’s growing quickly, and not from industries arriving, initiating growth and bringing jobs. It’s because many retirees are restlessly moving here, and because employed individuals, also restless, can work remotely. Today, many people want a small city lifestyle.

Well, today’s small cities are very different from olden days’ smalls.

Our local traffic is heavy. We’re aware of less housing and ballooning home prices. From everywhere loud noises declare heavy construction. There’s no navigating around with ease and speed. Shopping shows many shelves empty of common products.

Yesterday, I realized that this city has only one animal feed store. Oops! This is horse country! It’s cattle, goats, and sheep growing country! There used to be several well-stocked feed stores. With all others gone, the standing store is thriving, and small wonder.

Finally, we ordinary citizens, all non-economists, can understand, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Current economics fluctuating wildly are influenced by factors out of control, like weather, population, pandemic. Almost surreal, in an established country-like environment with large animals and large-animal veterinarians, there’s a single nearby feed store.

Don’t get me wrong. Our economy has many “goods”. Great technology has improved such as health care, internet, communications, records-keeping, and creativity in the arts. We know more advances are in the planning, on the horizon.

We’ve begun aging differently. We’re seeing sixty turning into the new forty, eighty the new sixty, and one-hundred the new eighty.

Dear Friends: We early must plan for lives through longer, less predictable futures. Diana

One thought on “Modern Country-like

  1. In some ways Central Oregon is getting harder to navigate, & some ways easier, especially as I get older. What does a cost-benefit analysis show us? Maybe we need more time to know.


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