Spotlight On Pimmy!

Saturday, October 09, 2021 October’s fullest moon “Hunters” rises fullest to Earth on the 20th.

One of Earth’s finest creatures, my donkey, Pimmy, currently is a candidate for appearing in Bend’s 2022 “cutest pet” calendar. She needs votes!

This contest allows for “buying votes”, and the money goes to a good cause. We won’t buy, and hope Pimmy may become a winner for deserving.

Pimmy’s contest photo, of her in Christmas costume, is just right for December’s page!

It’s of Pimmy a couple of years ago while ready to march in Bend’s Pet Parade. She was an enormous hit with viewers. Afterwards with little kids on her back, she posed as families took photos.

Below is a link to the online site. With over 200 images and Pimmy’s near the bottom, please scroll down to Photo #219. And vote!

Dear Friends: Bought-votes for the shelter will slim winning chances, but she’s cutest! Diana

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