Artistry Speaks

Friday, November 05, 2021 (November’s fullest moon [“Beaver”] rises on the 19th.)

I’m excited to learn that the wonderful singers/musicians, Allison Krause and Robert Plant, will this month release their second collaborative album. Their only other recorded collaboration came out 14 years ago. That spontaneous and almost casual collaboration became a great hit and earned a Grammy.

I long have loved Krause’s folk-style singing, and her equally-excellent string band, Union Station. I knew nothing about Plant who was famous as lead singer for the rock band, Led Zeppelin. A friend introduced me to “Falling Sand” and explained Plant’s background. My first listen to the Krause-Plant album captivated me with their excellent musicianship, rhythms, vocalizations.

I long had considered Krause as a terrific musician. She writes songs well, sings them perfectly and communicates emotions. On “Raising Sand” she was fine and compelling, and equally so was Plant. I discovered his tenor voice, youthful and light, sounding sweet on one song and becoming totally rock-oriented on another.

Although a late-comer to their combined talents, I found all their musical moments totally satisfying. And I’ve hoped for more!

Now again, they have collaborated! From YouTube, here’s a sample from their new album, “Raise the Roof”:

Dear Friends: Artistry offsets the current monotony of discomforting political/economic news. Diana

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