Ready to march: Abby and Darcy

Sunday, December 05, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

Yesterday, Pimmy marched. She carried eleven-year-old Abby Gilbert. Joining them were Abby’s Aunt Darcy, and other Gilberts. Abby’s Grandma, Julie, texted to my workplace of their fun in the Parade. She said there were a great many onlookers, Pimmy’s troupe was popular with everybody, and our donkey had been willing, easy, a pleasure.

That wonderful news topped a busy morning that had Susie, Julie, and me readying Pimmy.

The donkey didn’t like being separated from her horses, and often wiggled from our piecing together a costume. Well, not “we” so much as our Susie. There to help, logical, organized, and patient, Susie figured how to fit and secure bits of fabric, creating an eye-catching look.

Susie & Julie

Julie brought her horse rig and worried that Pimmy might not load into a strange trailer. But true to herself, the donkey on spotting a treat leaped inside. I had time before going to work to accompany Julie’s rig downtown. I intended to help unload and settle Pimmy, but wasn’t needed for Pimmy cooperated nicely.

Julie & Mitzvah

I disliked having to work, and missing the Parade. On the other hand there was the wonderful joy of a community of friends, coming together to help keep a promise to young Abby. That she’d ride Pimmy, with them both decorated, through downtown in the special march.

Dear Friends: Kids, animals, and events, all much fun, satisfying and rewarding. Diana

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