Winter Blooms

Christmas 2021

Tuesday, December 07, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.).

Cacti grow in hundreds of varieties. The plants endlessly are interesting, they’re often surprising.

A little research to learn more about my beautiful Christmas Cactus (pictured), turned up the news that there are three very-similar varieties: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Cacti.

Mine’s no Christmas Cactus. According to experts, it’s a Thanksgiving Cactus, easily recognized by the stem shapes. Thanksgiving Cacti stems have pointed and claw-shaped projections. That’s mine.

Here are the three varieties’ differing stems.

So, mine is a Schlumbergera truncata.

In Christmas Cacti, leaf segments have smooth, round edges. Thanksgiving Cacti have leafs pointy and jagged. Easter Cacti leafs have edges with bristles.

Aside that these varieties bloom in different seasons, they’re easily identified by how their flowers grow. A Christmas Cactus flowers flow downward. My Thanksgiving version grows them straight upwards. Easter cacti also grow upward, but with blooms very star-shaped.

Well, I’ve considered any wintertime leaf-bloomer a Christmas Cactus. Today’s bit of learning will go a long way.

I love my Thanksgiving Cactus, and now will add Christmas and Easter versions. The trio will illustrate the different blooming periods. They’ll show in real time the unique qualities among varieties.

Best, through our darkest months, November and December, two of my cacti will bloom and be colorful. And later, celebrating longer daylights, glorious star-shapes will be crowning my Easter Cactus.

Dear Friends: Cool ways of brightening winter’s climes and moods. Diana

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