Snowy Walk

Thursday, December 30, 2021

(December’s fullest “Cold Moon” is in Waning Gibbous phase; January’s fullest “Wolf Moon” rises on the 17th.)

This little group of does watched as my three equines walked with me toward a nearby pasture.

Although we were walking as new snow was falling, the flakes were small and expected to stop soon. The day was one of my not-working, which meant the horses could go and graze all day. I wanted them to have that time on pasture. Everything turned out okay and as anticipated, with little snow and happy horses coming home later.

Yes, already we’ve had snow, and now it’s snowing again. This morning, after oversleeping, I quickly must toss on warm clothing, feed animals, and hurry to my part-time job. I’m one of today’s store openers.

Plus, our store will be open on New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day. That seems odd, but things are as they are. So, I’ll be off on The Eve and at-work on The Day.

Whew! This complicated year finally is ending. Let’s consider wishing for a New Year, and about returning to normal…whatever that meant some years ago, or what it should be now.

Dear Friends: Have a day that’s productively reflective, and be thoughtful. Diana

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