Wednesday, January 12, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon” is Waxing Gibbous, will rise as month’s fullest moon on the 17th.)

Today, I shall begin to build a chicken coop, one relatively simple. That is simple in design but complicated for my carpentry skills. I’m eager to tackle the challenge.

My friend Dave came over and saw the space where a coop should go. He explained how to build one and kindly offered to do it for me. That sounded good, until I started thinking about how I’d like to try building it myself.

As a transplanted city gal who’s now a country gal, I should be able to build simple structures. I remember several years ago being at a rancher-friend’s place. My friend and I stood in a corral talking, while nearby her stepmother constructed a well house. I watched as that woman added support and siding to studs set into the ground. I hoped someday I’d learn to be more handy, feel more independent.

Now there’s an opportunity for hands-on learning. Little matter if the coop isn’t beautiful, long as it’s functional. I have carpentry tools, plenty of 2×4’s, am highly motivated. The completed coop will house two hen turkeys and three chickens that I’m adopting.

Speaking of adopting fowl, the store where I’m a part-time worker is preparing to bring in baby chicks. The bins are ready and chicks will arrive in a couple of weeks. I’ll learn how the presence of those cuties affects customers. Many who already have chickens might add to their flocks, while many will struggle about adding. Not much is cuter than tiny chickens, ducks, and turkeys.

I must avert my eyes from all filled bins. I’ll pretend I’m undertaking a weight-losing diet and re-training my brain, making it capable of rejecting starches and sugars. Nope, no new babies at my place!

Dear Friends: Starches, sugars, and new baby chicks. Oy vey! Diana

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