Tuesday, January 25, 2022

(Jan. “Wolf Moon” is Waning Crescent; New Moon on Jan. 31; “Snow Moon” rises fullest, Feb. 16.)

Thankfully, Rosie seems normal and is eating again. I can do a coin toss and guess what might have been wrong the other evening. She wasn’t showing signs of colic, but a horse not eating signals alarm. The following morning she seemed okay, and I’ll watch her closely.

Horses! Building a relationship with them is vital because they stay for years requiring steady attention and handling. Horses are large, thinking beings. Handling them effectively calls for physical strength, understanding, determination, and patience.

When something about a horse’s health seems off, one recognizes the strong relationship with that animal. Besides, horse maintenance over time is uber-expensive. Losing a horse is losing a significant investment.

Having said all that, I’ll admit to feeling as much attached to other pets as to my horses. Any emotional differences toward my pets may arise from their differing needs in effort and cash and from my imaginings of possibilities.

Shifting to chickens, my workplace will train me to oversee our incoming baby chicks next week. That new role will include backing up the Animal Health Department. I hope to prove a good fit, for it’s the department most interesting to me.

Dear Friends: Some in-store relationships seem to be changing as my role evolves. Diana

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