Wednesday, February 02, 2022

(Moon phase is Waxing Crescent; February’s “Snow Moon” rises fullest on 16th.)

My part-time job is changing. I’ll move from behind a cash register to the Animal Health Department. My new role will involve caring for baby chickens and assisting customers with products for farms and pets.

This pleasing change suggests the organization recognizes performance and potential. Several months ago I began working part-time, and a goal of grasping the mysteries of electronic cash registers stretched my imagination. Capable young co-workers helping with hints and illustrations supported and cushioned my learning.

I learned how to work a cash register, quickly processing check-outs while chatting briefly with customers. Occasionally, I still seek assistance to document situations not routine, but in the future capably could be a backup cashier during hectic periods.

Cash registering can be confining, even tedious if the store’s not busy. What will be better in my new role is more space for moving around. Next week’s transition period will split my time between cashiering and orientating to a new department.

Essentially I’ll be in sales, in a profit center. That should be up my alley.

Dear Friends: As often noted, “If the rain don’t fall and the creeks don’t rise.” Diana

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