Sunday, February 05, 2022

(Moon phase is Waxing Crescent; February’s “Snow Moon” rises fullest on 16th.)

My tiny chicken is days old and has lots of heart. She appears to have a condition called “splatters.” She has a useless left leg, and its toes are limp. She gets around by pulling with her right leg and dragging her left.

I’m trying to normalize her useless leg by following directions from the internet. Last night, I cut a thin strip of vet wrap several inches long, wrapped some of the fabric around each leg, and allowed a body’s width of space between the legs. That could let her good leg support the other.

Her efforts to stand and hop can strengthen the needy leg. This tyke tries hard, but progress comes with difficulty. I watch her move while braced and understanding more, I can improve that wrap brace.

Baby chicks grow quickly. Daily wrapping and her efforts to stand and move should improve the leg within days. It’ll be best for this baby to wind up standing and moving normally. It’ll be okay if she winds up with a forever limp. Most important is having both legs gain enough strength for lifelong support.

Today at work, I’ll begin my new “chicken lady” role. Maybe I’ll take Pepita with me and help her stand and hop at times.

Dear Friends: A tiny brave one, so motivated to manage her body and live. Diana

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