Freedom At Last

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

(Moon phase is Waxing Crescent; February’s “Snow Moon” rises fullest on 16th.)

My heritage turkey hens, finally released from confinement, are doing well. At first, both turkeys followed me closely, were curious about everything they saw, and stayed near. I roamed the coop as the original flock ignored us.

These are beautiful heritage turkeys, about seven months old, and very sweet. They tolerate being petted and picked up. Each probably weighs fifteen-to-twenty pounds. I couldn’t lift one unless assisted by an adrenaline rush.

Also newly released were the turkeys’ two buddy chickens. They’re Rhode Island Reds, eastern versions. Their colors vary from our western darker-Reds. This capture after release shows the newbies, one gray and the other a mottled-red.

I left the coop for several hours to attend zoom meetings at work and returned to find all birds getting along. There were periodic conflicts between my big Cuckoo-Maran Rooster and the gray Red he wanted to woo. Facing him and fighting mightily, she repeatedly deflected his attentions. Good going, Rhode Island Red!

As a note, while selling chicks at work, I’ve learned that Reds highly are popular. Many keeping them have opinions, saying they’re great layers of beautiful eggs, and often like me, seeing them as slightly stand-offish and a little too-smart.

It’s all fun!

Dear Friends: Our chick sales will continue through September! I’ll learn lots. Diana

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