Lisa’s Zen World

Saturday, February 12, 2022

(Moon phase is Waxing Crescent; February’s “Snow Moon” rises fullest on 16th.)

Lisa and I met as I checked her out in my work of cashiering. She spoke of having a large aviary that houses many finches and canaries, some of which are exotic. She invited me to visit, and yesterday on a beautiful morning, I grabbed a camera, revved my vintage Jeep, and headed to Bear Creek Road. I had to drive way east to find her acreage and even farther than I imagined Bear Creek to stretch.

The country out there is beautiful. So is Lisa’s aviary. Almost indescribable were my surprise and joy upon accepting her invitation to enter a stand-alone wooden structure. I’ve been aware of spatial arrangements and orientations relative to energy flow, known as Feng Shui, and in Lisa’s aviary, found myself precisely in such an environment.

The spacious, gorgeous interior has colorful plants and creative lighting.

Each side of a center walkway features several large aviaries. Flitting around in some are colorful busy finches and in others bright and equally-busy singing canaries.

These birds are feeding from a chicken-feeder trough which Lisa purchases from our store. I like this capture lots.

She can open windows in each aviary in warm weather to allow birds outside freedom. The external aviaries receive lots of natural light and are populated with feeders, plants, and trees. She opened some windows, and birds happily took flight and resettled outside.

If indeed those small birds do much settling. They’re busy, hopping, feeding, bathing, and delightfully picturing health and wellness. Here are some of the adorable tiny Japanese Quail that populate the aviary floors.

Lisa is an avid horseperson. After losing a beloved horse, she began creating her aviary. Over about three years, she turned loss and sadness into creativity. Inside her structure, she loves watching birds and hearing canaries sing. She works on a center table and has a sink.

The comfortable seating allows relaxation among the birds. A pellet stove offsets cold weather, and if she wishes, a sound system lets her listen to music.

My photos don’t do justice to this unique environment. We discussed my returning and learning more about the aviary’s back story and development. I’d enjoy writing an article detailing more and better Lisa’s outstanding achievement.

By the way, and equally important, she’s working with an adopted young dog, Mitzi. She and this energetic pup are being schooled in agility. Mitzi arrived to Lisa from Mexico via the wonderful Street Dog Rescue organization.

I want to add that none of these photos have been edited or trimmed at all. There’s simply not a spot unworthy of capture and enjoyment in Lisa’s Zen Aviary.

Dear Friends: This reawakening to beauty fueled my energy through the day. Diana

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