Snow Moon & Beyond

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

(Moon phase is “full,” and this evening the complete February “Snow Moon” will rise.)

Last night’s moon, not yet quite full, was gorgeous. I might not capture a more pleasing image tonight, although the moon will be in full phase or entirely lit by sunlight. A moon in full phase equates to a one-night wonder. That’s because the very next night’s still-visually full moon actually won’t be full but reflecting less sunlight and beginning the waning phase.

My moon-chasing buddy over months past has another commitment, so this evening I’ll be out east and on my own to capture this moon. Its rise above a dark horizon (if the clouds cooperate) could be dramatic and powerful. Photos of tonight’s moonrise will complete a year’s worth of such images. They’re to become fodder for a separate public interest article.

Thoughts of writing a standalone article expand my writing goals. I’ve enjoyed blogging as a way of processing activities and ideas. It’s a platform that enables communicating with specificity (after forcing me to learn writing with clarity). Besides that planned moon article, I’ve begun to draft another utterly separate article.

It will be more of the story behind that amazing aviary I wrote about recently. Its creator, Lisa, and I will meet soon, and I’ll learn some whys and hows doing with creating her wonderful space. The aviary story will include photos, and a logical publisher for it might be “Sunset Magazine” or AARP’s magazine. Maybe, but because Lisa’s story and achievements are remarkable, the article will be submitted to various publications.

My ideas go on and on, but this morning is short with time running out. Other needs await.

Dear Friends: Hoping for accommodating skies tonight and new writings ahead. Diana

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