Stress-Freeing Zone

Monday, February 28, 2022

(“Cold Moon” @ “Waning Crescent”; New Moon is “Worm Moon” @ 3/1, fullest @ 3/18.)

This morning, I’m fiddling with the capabilities of Word Press, a powerful platform. When I try becoming more creative with images and spaces, the program’s constraints often interfere. My recent hope has been to insert images of current moon states. These days, the moon in “waning crescent” approaches its monthly transition to “new moon”.

The caption line and image don’t precisely match my vision, but the program allows and links a picture to the daily moon status. So, I’ll be satisfied.

A New Moon will appear on March 2 and be fullest on the 16th. I love the moon’s predictability and dependability. Those attributes help to guide and mollify the Earth’s inhabitants.

Those thoughts fall into a category of “stress relief” lately on my mind. I find that an interest in overhead objects, their activities, and significance, or in other words sky-watching, almost erases a person’s tensions.

Speaking of tensions, this morning I’m to help open the store. So, now it’s off with me!

Dear Friends: The pandemic years have made “stress relief” a vast topic. Diana

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