Wednesday, March 09, 2022

(First Quarter, the current status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

That’s my neighbor, Johnny, helping bring the horses home. He spoils them by letting them pause and graze on grassy spots. It’s okay because I’m happy leading just one of the three horses. Walking with all of them has me pulling Rosie back and tugging at Pimmy, the lagger. Thankfully, Sunni is easy and doesn’t care at what speed we move during our marches.

I met with the manager of the store where I work, to talk about a supervisor who upsets and angers me. It looks like I’ll have to continue working with the guy, but at least I said what I had to say. And guess what, I’m to invite that supervisor to lunch today! And the Store will pay for it.

That’s the last thing I want to do, but the manager is correct. If we talk, maybe there’s a path toward working together better. I will have to be a Big Girl and do my best with this task.

An accidental outcome from the meeting made me happy. The manager mentioned wanting to create a new employee orientation. That’s my specialty, employee training, and right up my alley. I went home, drafted a slide show, and returned to the store. I could tell that the draft helped the manager and co-manager organize more, to move forward on the orientation.

Ahead, I’m stuck with that supervisor, but might have opportunities to do more the kind of work I’m trained for. Otherwise, and most of the time, I like being employed in that store.

Dear Friends: Today, I must be at the store early, as new chicks are arriving. Diana

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