Wednesday, March 30, 2022

(March’s “Worm Moon,” Waning Crescent @3.6%”; New Moon 3/31; April full “Pink Moon,” rises @4/16.)

Yesterday, I hauled my tax stuff over to Nancy in Redmond. If I had been on my toes, I could have internet-sent the documents. Sad to say, the early 2022 months have zipped by in a blaze of busy-busy. I’ve missed many opportunities to be efficient.

To read books, newspapers, online articles. To take photographs, play with editing software, toy with art projects. To play with my animals in the great outdoors, ride my horses on warm days, to take Lil’ Mitzvah everywhere as my buddy.

Now, I must figure out how to get rid of two roosters. They are doing their jobs well but neither want me around. I used to love them, but now I’m wary. While in the chicken coop, I try to look bigger, holding my arms upright and waving my hands (a co-worker taught me that).

My horse, Rosie, rubs her chin against the top fencing. She has managed to loosen a post. That sagging post affects its buddy, a gate post, by putting it out of alignment. In other words, the gate no longer snaps into its locking mechanism. So, I am chaining the gate shut. Actually, I have a fix for the situation, but not the time and energy to tackle it.

Speaking of the horse, my three equines have enjoyed their last day on Bobby’s big pasture. The grass is growing in this warm weather, and now, there’s too much green, e.g., sugar, in the sprouts. Green pasture isn’t good for my easy-keeper horses. Starting now, they’ll be in a dry lot or for brief periods (maybe) across the street in John’s little pasture.

I won’t drive the horses if I keep my outside job through the summer. It wouldn’t be cost-effective because they’d need shoes and some bodywork by veterinarians. Instead, I’ll ride them. That’s always fun.

I look forward to riding again in the Horse Butte Forest. We’ll look for the old, now obscure trails we tried mapping a couple of years ago. And I’ll continue making the map. I’ll see my beautiful friend, the Blue Elderberry, which might be reviving about now.

Tomorrow night’s sky will offer a New Moon, a thin sliver, a Renewed Beginning.

It’s time to charge up my cameras.

Dear Friends: Elderberry, moon, and me, bloomers in early spring. Diana

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