Happy Sun

Friday, April 01, 2022

(April’s “Pink Moon” is Waxing Crescent @0.2%”; Fullest “Pink Moon,” rises @4/16.)

I have today off from work and much to catch up on. Summer is here, but I’ve lived too long in Central Oregon to think there won’t be at least one more hard freeze despite the drought conditions.

I fear thoughts of what hay may cost this year. Last year, I nearly fainted on receiving a hay bill, too high for a limited delivered amount. My hay guy comes into the feed store where I work and is good at dodging questions about how much I might expect to receive and the potential cost.

Today, I’ll put all that aside by attending to other things. That’s called refocusing my brain, a big topic these days as I work at replacing useless worrying with productive activities.

About productive, I feel close to finishing a readable draft of the “aviary article.” It’s been a long grinding road. Makes me feel for Hemmingway and Didion, careful writers and my role models, despite that my skills in no way resemble theirs.

Writing creatively is a hard job, even if working with the best of ideas. Language rules are rigid, although somewhat influenced by popular culture. A reader’s eye should go from a first sentence to a conclusion in a logical line of thought that’s not over-wordy. Good luck! Writing is easy; editing becomes torture.

Even my tiny blogs. Although short, it takes lots of time to edit and make them optimally readable, or at least as optimally as I can manage. A short blog can take a couple of hours to “whip out,” although reading it might take only moments.

Anyway, I digress. Later, I’ll look again at the article draft. Now, I’ll go out and care for waiting animals. I’m sure that today also I’ll use a camera, and this time a tripod, too, for creativity.

Dear Friends: A day off is a beautiful thing, so is earning money for new hay! Diana

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