Always Moving

Monday, April 04, 2022

(April’s “Pink Moon” is Waxing Crescent @10.4%”; Fullest “Pink Moon” rises @4/16.)

Late in the afternoon, on arriving home from work, I found MOTORCYCLES. Dale and Susie had left their HeliLadder Company early, and after taking a ride paused at my barn, to help with chores. We hung hay bags for hungry horses and filled a bunch more that I’ll hang today, before leaving for work and during my lunchtime.

We didn’t forget the goats and chickens. Entered their area while watching out for my two roosters; they didn’t bother us. A customer at the feed store where I work said to start carrying a broom into the chicken coop and that roosters fear brooms. I’ve not tried that but shall.

We took a motorcycle ride through the neighborhood. Susie has come a long way in the few months she’s been riding. I’m proud of her progress, for in the beginning she was wary. I rode behind Dale, a motorcycle-lifer. Their bikes rolled as a smooth pair, and our little ride exhilarated, woke me up, as if I’d not worked that day.

Dale made us laugh, said I’m one of very few women who have ridden behind him on his motorcycle. Susie said there might have been one or two before they got together. The couple are very close, and (miraculously still so, from my perspective) despite years of collaborating to their bones to make HeliLadder a success.

I did a little business consulting back in the old days, and a key objective was to avoid working with family-owned businesses. There’s a problem in that decision-making in families differs from decision-making among unrelated individuals in typical workplaces. With family businesses, consultants are essentially outsiders and often receivers of decisions they didn’t help formulate and might evaluate as unworthy.

So guess what? I’m going to do some “Facebooking” for HeliLadder. Maybe that will make better known one of this area’s unique and growing businesses. A successful venture could inspire other creative minds to move their ideas forward. Who knows, without trying?

Dear Friends: It’s cold and blustery out, and I must go to hang hay bags. Diana

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