Action Plan

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

(April’s “Pink Moon” is Waxing Gibbous @87.6%”; Fullest “Pink Moon” rises @4/16.)

Early today, we received snow, too little to be significant but enough to cover the ground white. It’s mid-April! Our temperatures recently reached the seventies and folks crowded into the store where I work to buy seeds and plants. Some of them probably stepped ahead and planted. Today, they must feel disappointed.

Central Oregon has crazy weather. We’re in the high desert where generally it’s cool, except for brief periods in August months that are too warm. At least, that’s been so in past years. These days, nobody can guess what weather might occur tomorrow or next week. We desperately need rain, and maybe this welcome snow landed heavily in the mountains.

I’m having a day off from work, but disappointed because it’s too cold to ride horseback. My horses need getting into action. They’re waiting around, wanting to get out and go.

Other pets have been waiting, too. There are my dogs. Also waiting an outing is Peaches, my ready-to-go Cockatoo, a noisy boy.

Despite the weather, there’s work needed in the chicken coop. The fledglings in the transfer space are now ready for release into the main flock. Also, it’s time to transfer my new fledglings into a vacated integration pen. First, that pen needs cleaning and readjusting, a job for today.

Here’s today’s plan. After readying the chicken coop, I’ll take the dogs out so they may run. Then I’ll go for a walk and have Peaches on my shoulder.

When I’m free on a warmer day, I’ll take the horses to the forest. We’ll search for old dim trails.

Dear Friends: My house is a disaster awaiting attention. Ah, Oh, well. Diana

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