Saturday, April 16, 2022

(April’s “Pink Moon” is Waning Gibbous @99.9%”; Fullest “Pink Moon” tonight!)

Early today, snowing, and no visible moonset. Last evening, a cloudy sky yielded only a hazy circle. Let’s hope tonight it’s more apparent, and give the moon a salute even if it’s almost invisible.

Today, again, I’m too short of time to create a blog. I became involved with another writing project and got sidetracked.

I’m trying to write creatively. I’m considering starting to work on two stories at once. One would be based on reality, and the other would be pure fantasy. Maybe not pure fiction, for all ideas begin somewhere in fact.

Yesterday at work, the store wasn’t busy with customers. We didn’t receive an anticipated shipment of baby chicks that would have brought in many people. I thought of how the chicks attract, the fantasies and hopes they create, and their offerings of returns on investment, at the very least, eggs. There’s a story, and I’ll write it.

Today, if the chicks arrive, we’ll be busy. Otherwise, to avoid the boredom of trying to appear busy, I’ll take refuge in the “chick room.” I’ll start drafting a story on my iPhone.

Dear Friends: Two stories at once give more options for applying ideas. Diana

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