Altering Views

Sunday, April 24, 2022

April “Pink Moon” Waning Crescent @38.3%; Next Full Moon, May 15.

Today’s local temperature will reach 70 degrees, and customers will pack into the store where I work. Yesterday’s warmth drew customers; they seemed to pour in, and during the busiest times, I operated a cash register helping to reduce checkout lines.

This lovely weather draws me outside, too, but not to my job; I want to ride my horses. I’m considering asking for fewer weekly workdays. It seems a tough call, for although I work part-time, the store needs its good workers, and I’m one of them.

There’s also a moral consideration. Last fall, I was job hunting, at an advanced age and without retail experience. Not a highly-desirable candidate, but the store needed more employees and hired me.

Working there has introduced me to the retail world. I’ve learned to operate an electronic cash register and grasp the concepts of inventory, backstock, warehousing, and E-commerce. I’m reminded, I’m good at selling. I’ve felt grateful for a gig that provides a leg up for seeking other work in the future.

The moral issue is that I feel indebted. I’m dithering over reducing my working hours or even departing an environment that’s provided marketable knowledge. The store needs and supports good employees. From the store’s perspective, and it’s a no-brainer, I’d be replaced relative to fewer hours or a total departure. The store will survive.

I’m asking myself what it is I really want. I enjoy working; it’s my social time. Meanwhile, the pretty days crowd in and are bothersome.

Dear Friends: All Central Oregonians are hungry for actual spring weather. Diana

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