Wednesday, April 27, 2022

April “Pink Moon” Waning Crescent @11.1%; Next Full Moon, May 15.

These are crazy times. Pandemic worries are continuing, and there’s Putin’s War, supply chain bonkers, and ever-higher price increases. These and more are impacting stock market averages because some of the world’s most valued companies can’t meet production and sales goals.

Our world is experiencing the post-worst-pandemic blues. Maybe ahead will arrive a hit song by someone prominent, like Dolly Parton. She for sure “gets it” and could do it right.

My little world has become confusing because I’m trying to understand modern management styles. They’re different from what my education and experience have taught me. Today, I work with and listen to young people in their sixteen to mid-twenties. They’re incredibly tech-savvy and have aspirations similar to mine at their ages, but they seem to be motivated differently.

I grew up in a low-income family. My biggest aspirations were to learn to type and become a secretary. While I did both, opportunities for women began to expand, and I could set my sights on gaining higher education. Everything was about learning and earning to create a predictably safe future.

Today’s young people I’m working alongside tend to ignore higher education. They set their sights on quicker solutions, like studying online, for real estate sales licenses or other hot ticket jobs. They’re benefitted by having tech skills usable for making gains. But quick education won’t teach the complex social skills and organization savvy needed to cope well in competitive adult environments.

Working among youngsters, I must learn more. My professional shortcoming is not having worked previously alongside recent high school graduates or college dropouts after a year to seek quicker gains.

One must not underestimate the power of changing economies. During my lifetime, they have provided and withdrawn opportunities. Changes allow for times of high-flying and times of victimization. Everyone wields an oar in the same boat except those most wealthy.

If I’m to remain in today’s workforce, learning is necessary. A youth-oriented worldview may provide a better grasp of today’s management challenges.

Dear Friends: I’ll listen, observe, learn, and keep comments to myself. Diana

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