Chap Book

Friday 06, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Crescent @27.6%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

The header photo is of Peaches, on first spotting our new eight-week-old puppy, Chase.

After three days at home from work, I’ll return to the feed store this afternoon. Another three and one-half days working there, and I’ll have another three to stay at home. Being off Tuesdays through Thursdays might become my regular schedule. Not bad, and I’ll see how it may work out.

My productive time off this week has involved fledging chickens, and so far, so good. The first youngsters released into the larger flock are managing to integrate. My turkeys, after going dormant for months, are beginning to lay eggs; I love turkey eggs and yesterday collected one. The week-old Ducklings are a handful, noisy, busy, growing rapidly, and guzzling water like there’s no tomorrow. Ahead, a few more chicks to fledge; they’ll be the last, no adding to them.

The puppy has filled the time in-between taking care of other critters. He’s a clever little fella and cuter than a button. Today will be his first time staying alone while I’m away working for four hours. He will be in a large kennel on a tiled floor with his bed, toys, food, and water. If all goes well, that’s a plan for the next three days when I am away working for eight hours. I can dip in to check on him at lunchtime (and refill the ducklings’ water).

Busy day, busy day, busy days.

Dear Friends: My other favorite eggs are ducks’; this summer, I hope for some. Diana

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