Movin’ On!

Monday, May 30, 2022

I am expanding my blog’s potential by changing to a new creative platform. For days I have struggled with a bot to regain access to my Word Press site, without success. It’s not possible to get a real person’s help with WP. The site refers me to “frequently asked questions” and provides robotic responses to emails.

I am in the process of switching platforms, turning to Wix, which is highly-rated. Wix will publish my blogs and photos on a new website, Diana’s Morning Blog.

Expanding the potential of my blogs has been my goal. Changing to a more flexible and helpful platform will allow greater creativity in publishing and interacting with readers.

I am working toward this change, targeting to be up and running tomorrow. I will publish new contact details on WP, and hope that friends and followers transition, too.

Dear Friends: This journey is taking a long awaited turn, stay for the trip. Diana

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