Vinyl section installed

Sunday, July 10, 2022

My floors are transitioning from carpet-covered to manufactured vinyl. There’s no continuing with a carpet after almost twenty years of living with dogs–wonderful pets but imperfect housemates. Dogs get old and have accidents; or they are young and have accidents; or worse, simply don’t care and have accidents. Lots of dogs living together at once compound the issue. They’re active and interact by arguing and playing and accidents happen.

My capable flooring person, Leroy, already has removed bunches of carpeting. Our arrangement has him working on his own time. I’ve a bit of waiting between his returns. Leroy is one of the best in the flooring business; we’ve been friends for years (his wife is one of my horsey buddies).

For me, it’s not so bad looking at the original ugly tile squares this home’s original owners glued onto floors. New vinyl will cover such ills.

Glued-on squares

What’s tough about this is having to move everything so Leroy may work without bumping into fragile pieces. I quickly stashed such stuff anywhere space allowed. Now there’s the problem of living in confusion. It’s confusing as to where something/anything might be located and searching isn’t always successful.

My clutter (partial)
Leroy’s clutter

It’s also difficult to housebreak my puppy, Chase. He’s about five months old and a quick squatter. On catching him in the act, I can’t find quickly a newspaper, or a leash, to help move him outside. He’s little but compact and too heavy to lift and toss. Meanwhile, Chance has not a sense of being punished, is happy-go-lucky, affable, and sure to squat again soon.

Dear Friends: All this, too, will pass. Diana

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