Saturday, August 13, 2022

This morning I awakened thinking of coconut. Not its round, hard-shelled and real-time version, but its variations. Like pie, ice cream, cake, and dried chunks. But why?

My best reference became a weird moment yesterday. In my job as a checker, an item rolled across my register that was hard to identify. The customer bringing the not-quite round, muddy-colored object speculated it to be a yam or a sweet potato. In a wild guess, perhaps a coconut. We examined it and discussed the possibilities, deciding finally to process it as a sweet potato.

I forgot about that incident. Failed only in real-time.

My subconscious mind held onto that object, returning it to light as a dream. As dreams will, mine disguised the actual item by recreating it as delectables.

I love my dreams, mind mysteries, and puzzles. I “get into” trying to work them out and sometimes solve them. Dream items usually hint at deep emotions. Pursuing on might have me starting to recall one or more actual events.

Today, I’m remembering and wondering about that “coconut-looking” object. I’ve no sense of emotional impact beyond a shared moment of confusion with a customer.

My conclusions are (1) enjoying my customer’s sense of humor. And (2) becoming confused even in my third month on the job. And (3) recalling that I really do “heart coconut.”

Dear Friends: Today, I’ll buy something with coconut and add a lottery ticket. Diana

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