Adjusting To The Times

Mitzvah, spotting for a lizard

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Recently, I saw a piece on public television about retirees owning homes, living alone, and wanting companionship, money, or other things. They’re accepting as renters other retirees. I like the idea of teaming with another retiree, but having always lived alone I wonder about being flexible enough to share my home.

Some retirees on the television episode had always lived alone and resisted seeking renters. The current economic environment requiring more money has pushed them to allow renters. They spoke of discovering that they enjoy having company.

Yesterday, I went to Costco. An employee greeting shoppers was someone I’ve know casually for years (I used to be employed in Costco). Our mutual love for animals keeps us chatting. This time, she surprised me by wondering if I want a roommate. She was serious and explained. Although hesitating, I could see two-way advantages. Like me, she’s post-retirement and still working. She needs somewhere to live; I could use help with animals and property. We will meet again and discuss space sharing.

Dear Friends: I must be off to work, for today my starting time is early. Diana

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