“Path Through The Fog” (photo by Alan Sislen)

Sunday, August 28, 2022

I could look forever at today’s header photo. The compelling image suggests meanings, evokes memories, and generates ideas.

This photo rouses imaginings about time, place, weather, and light. For me, it captures recall and lets me relive the magic of riding on horseback early in a morning or an evening.

It also captures my dream of creating images from my world, revealing time, place, weather, and light elements. Sislen’s photo demonstrates a magical way of seeing that conjures moods and reveals possibilities.

To fuel my ambitions, I have a brand new camera. It’s a complicated, compact, high-end engineering product designed to capture visions any user may wish. I am in awe of the learning curve needed to utilize this device’s offerings. Hopefully, the effort requiring time, study, and experimentation won’t overcome my wishing and willingness.

Here’s to moving ahead. I’ll post my first photos as soon as possible.

Dear Friends: Living teaches that where the eye goes, the heart may follow. Diana

One thought on “Seeing

  1. I am continually impressed by your willingness to delve into difficult technology. I feel lazy intellectually compared to you. 🤪

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